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Chick Math APK MOD Download With Free (Hacks and Skins)

Chick Math APK MOD

Chick Math

Chick Math :- ◆ How to play
Select the calculation mode and level and start the game!
Time limit is 30 seconds!
If you answer correctly, the time limit will recover slightly and the level of the problem will rise little by little.
The more score you solve the more difficult problems will increase.
Time up when the time limit runs out!
The bonus according to this play content is added, and the final score is decided.
Depending on the final score, you will be rated how much your mental level is.

◆ National Ranking Function
The best record is automatically reflected in the national ranking!
I can check how much my mental power is nationwide.
(※ registration of GooglePlayService is required)

◆ Corresponds to four arithmetic operations
All four modes of adding, calculating, multiplication, multiplication, and division are installed!

◆ Problem level
Beginning with an easy one digit calculation for children, introducing a system that will gradually make the problem more difficult as you solve problems! Everyone can play happily. It is ideal for brain train with a little skimmer time such as train waiting time and break time!

◆ Chick breeding element
If you do a lot of mental arithmetic, the level of the chick will rise and after you finish the game a level bonus will be added so you can score high. Please aim for a high score and raise a lot of chicks.

◆ Each mode proficiency level
All four modes have their skill levels. When you play in each mode, the skill increases and you gain a high score as a proficiency bonus is added after the game is over.

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◆ Historical records
On the data screen, you can see the record of the best such as the best score, the number of times played, the number of correct answers for each mode. Please analyze the data and use it for improving your mental skill.
(We plan to add features to look back on past problems with future updates)

Multiple language support
Currently, Chick Math corresponds to Japanese and English. We are switching automatically according to the language setting of your model. We plan to increase the corresponding languages ​​in the future.
bugs fix.

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